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Commitments and Contingencies

Commitments and Contingencies
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2023
Commitments and Contingencies Disclosure [Abstract]  
Commitments and Contingencies

7. Commitments and Contingencies

Research and Development Agreements

The Company enters into contracts in the normal course of business with CROs for clinical trials, with CMOs or other vendors for preclinical and clinical studies, supplies and other services and products for operating purposes. These contracts generally provide for termination on notice or may have a potential termination fee if a purchase order is cancelled within a specified time. As of June 30, 2023 and December 31, 2022, there were no amounts accrued related to termination and cancellation charges.

License Agreements

The Company enters into license agreements (Note 6), pursuant to which the Company may acquire or license other patents, patent applications or know-how from various third parties to access intellectual property covering product candidates that the Company is developing. Under these acquisitions or licensing agreements, the Company may be liable for certain diligence obligations and payments, which are contingent upon achieving various development, regulatory and commercial milestones. Also, pursuant to the terms of some of these license agreements, when and if commercial sales of a product commence, the Company may be obligated to pay royalties to such third parties on net sales of the respective products. No such milestones were achieved or probable as of June 30, 2023 and December 31, 2022. All products are in development as of June 30, 2023 and December 31, 2022 and no such royalties were due.

Legal Contingencies

From time to time, the Company may become involved in legal proceedings arising from the ordinary course of business. The Company records a liability for such matters when it is probable that future losses will be incurred and that such losses can be reasonably estimated. Significant judgment by the Company is required to determine both probability and the estimated amount. Management is currently not aware of any legal matters that could have a material adverse effect on its financial position, results of operations or cash flows.

Guarantees and Indemnifications

In the normal course of business, the Company enters into agreements that contain a variety of representations and provide for general indemnification. Its exposure under these agreements is unknown because it involves claims that may be made against the Company in the future. To the extent permitted under Delaware law, the Company has agreed to indemnify its directors and officers for certain events or occurrences while the director or officer is, or was serving, at a request in such capacity. To date, the Company has not paid any claims or been required to defend any action related to its indemnification obligations. As of June 30, 2023 and December 31, 2022, the Company did not have any material indemnification claims that were probable or reasonably possible and consequently has not recorded related liabilities.